Home Holiday

Before going to our adventure, we had a nice stay in Marcel’s hometown and enjoyed a lovely family time — breakfirst together, good meals from mom, going to the theater or chetting around table after dinner. Sometimes Marcel and I also showed out our cooking skill. I mean, we could just be relax and would be well treated. Because in this house we are being loved kids.

The pretty old town is quite small you need only 15 min.to go through it. Marcel always said it is a place where fox and rabbit saying good night to each other. Our favorite spot is a viewpoint on the nearby hill face to valley of Main. We can sit on the edge of the cliff and view into the valley. From the most right are Lichtenfels on riverside, then highways (unfortunately) , monastery Kloster Banz on the otherside of Main River, direct in front of us cathedral Vierzehnheiligen sitting in the beautiful forest, and the awsome rocks of Staffelberg on the left end. I love to look at the colourful autum forest. It’s really lucky that we got sunshine before departure!


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