Visiting the local music museum toilet

Today Yating want to visit the Museum of Chamamé for local music here at Mburucuyá. As the museum is located at the farthest outside region of the small town, we walked there about 1 km. Luckily we arrived at the museum at 12:01 to find out that of course it has closed from 12:00 to 16:00 for the siesta. So we decided to have a walk at a small hiking path to a lake that starts about 1 km away. As we nearly arrived at the starting point of the path, it starts to storm and rain heavily so we need to return. On the way back we hidden ourselves several times below trees, at a small hut or behind a house wall, but anyway we returned at the museum totally wet. As the museum of course was still closed we did a site-seeing tour to the museum toilet for the next hours to wait for less wet conditions outside.

So we waited and waited until 16:00, the museum opening hour written on the door. Unfortunately it looks like we had been the only one knowing about this museum and its opening hours, as just no one arrived to unlock the door. We looked wistfully through the windows and could get a view to the museum’s main room, where a lonely guitar was presented at the room center – nothing else. About 16:30 even Yating gave up any hope. But it took another half hour waiting until the rain got less. Then we could go out into soft rain to finish this successful day with a 12-hour-bus-travel to Buenos Aires.

Sometimes thing went wrong, like today…

( sketch / Yating in WC )

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