snowman and us


Most people asked why, when they heard our plan at the first moment.

The world is wonderful and there are so many to see, to hear and to experience. That’s why we would love to explore it.

We gonna try to hold on blogging.

More about us and our plan you can see here.

雖然小時候說:我以後要環遊世界!但其實隨著成長,心中對環遊世界的定義已經大大不同。對我們來說,這次絕對是一趟人生中的大旅行,只是重點不在環遊,而是去體驗與欣賞不同於我們已知的世界。希望可以藉由這個部落格紀錄下一些點點滴滴。歡迎到Ma Ya 快問快答了解更多我們對於這趟旅行的想法。

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