Argentinian Venice

There it is again, the sounds like a swam of bees in a blooming cherry tree at night. We went out of Buenos Aires for some quiet days at the nearby delta of the Paraná river. The delta is a 320 km long and 18-60 km width network of islands and wetlands. Instead of roads this area is connected by dozens of water ways where boats replace the cars. We looked for a quieter place and Yating found the small camping ground “Sobre natural” only 2,5 hours bus-boat travel from the next city.

All the way to the camping ground the river was framed by small houses at both sides interrupted sometimes by a boat club with a lot of “private”, “keep out” signs. We are happy not to be the postman here, as the houses have no number, just a name the owner has chosen like “stop zero” or “moon light”. But looks like our bus-boat driver knows them all even if there are only two bus-boats a day.

Our camping ground has a small beach to swim in the river and kayak to go around in the neighborhood. But most surprising was that there is not a single sign to tell us how to behave correctly, to tell us what is forbidden and where we should stay out. Argentinians love these signs and normally there are tons of them – maybe these are the german roots of argentina.