Chaco National Park

After the disappointing city of Corrientes, we planned to move to a more quiet location off the beaten tourist tracks – the Chaco national park. At the huge camping ground with a dozens of grill spots and hot shower facilities, we two are really the only visitors! The only other humans here are some rangers. Anyway our hope to find a silent place got disappointed.

There is an amazing sound scenery with chirrup of crickets, craw and twitter of endless birds, variety croak of frogs and yelling of howler monkeys. Specially at the morning and evening time it is extremely noisy, so we never need to set up an alarm. Sometimes there are some birds with really crazy sounds ex: one that sounds like just blowing through a flute followed by a fart. And there are some black birds with blue eyebrows that always try to steal our food. The park offers some small hiking trails where we could see even more animals like wild pigs, a fox, frogs and a lot more different birds. A ranger even showed us a photo of puma he took, but we had no luck to see one. 

Oh and we found out what park named Chaco means. Our guidebook mentioned it is the name of the originals, but it is wrong – it must be a local name for mosquito. Last night our tent was surrounded by so many of them that it sounds like a swam of bees in a blooming cherry tree.

3 thoughts on “Chaco National Park

  1. Hallo Yating und Marcel,
    vielen Dank für den schönen Adventskranz, habe noch Halter unter die Kerzen. Schön, euere Natur, herrlich, die Bilder. Habt ihr jetzt schon besseres Essen gefunden? Nachträglich alles Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag.
    Liebe Grüsse Mutti und Alexandra

    1. Ich freue mich! Wir sind gestern in Buenos Aires angekommen. Hier gibt es reichlich Auswahl an vegetarischen Essen.

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