We give up!

We made it only a single week in Argentina, now it is time for us to give up. The first days had been easy as we brought some things with us from Germany, but then… After some solid cheese blocks they call pizza, generous cheese filled bread, endless sandwich and hamburger offers as well as a rich choice of big meet blocks everywhere, we start immediately to cook for ourself – and even this will get hard. A lot of products are enhanced by chemical aroma, vitamins, preservatives…

But there was slightly hope we may survive. On Yating’s birthday we searched vegetarian cuisine in Corrientes and really found two listed on an webpage. Unfortunately our one hour walk there wasn’t successful, as they just don’t exist. So in a big town where you see nearly every corner a restaurant / bar, there are simply two types: grill or pizza~hamburger~sandwich. Oh, and a third kind which offer both. Where are the fresh vegetables sold in the market? It seems like the locals going out only for fast food.

It looks like, we are the wrong customers for Argentinean. It would be wonderful to celebrate if I’m a Steak-fan.—Yating

But on the way there, we passed by some small experimental shops selling real nuts, muesli and high quality gluten free food – so we filled up our reserves. And today we really managed to find between tons of lemonade the only single package of 100% fruit juice sold at the whole bus terminal, for only ~3€ for a concentrate juice. But our real hope is that they luckily didn’t find out how to create chemical fruits and vegetables, at least up to now…


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