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We arrived at Buenos Aires, our home for the next month. It sounds, looks and feels different from the national parks. The endless chirrup of crickets got replaced by the purr of neighbours air conditions, the variety croak of frogs by the variety of traffic noise, the birds twitter by back driving cars pipe and the howler monkeys yelling by the neighbours arguing. The trees got houses, the grass got stones, eye-catching capybara is now a cute girl / guy and the busy ant trails got busy human trails. Only the mosquitos remain unchanged…

And our behaviour changed too. Instead of cooking our own fresh vegetables, we go to excellent vegetarian buffets, instead of walking we wait for bus or underground, instead of sitting at the gras below big shadowing trees we sit in our flat and instead of watching animals we look at internet pages.

We started a temporary home life with a small flat including kitchen and balcony. This neighbourhood was once the richer residential zone, now it consists basically of banks and star hotels. It just looks like they own everything here. But it’s tricky, maybe we need to thank these well-earned people: beside excellent vegetarian buffets, there are kind of organic shops and natural food shops as well. What we didn’t find out the reason up to now, is why all these are not extremely expensive like the flat rate. Even a full laundry service costs about 5 Euro only.

Our street, which is suprisingly without banks and hotels
Our street, which is suprisingly without banks and hotels

When we miss the greens, there are always big trees aside the avenues. And the park nearby has grass and flowers as well.
I feel, violet is the colour of Buenos Aires in spring.
I feel, violet is the colour of Buenos Aires in spring.

4 thoughts on “Back to civilized world

  1. naja als die Bude schaut ja genau so aus wie die in Nürnberg – nur ohne Blick.
    Bei den Bildern freue ich mich auf den kommenden Frühlign in Franken.
    Wie gehts denn so?

    1. Gut. Das freue ich mich dass wir dich etwas bespaßen. Wir erkunden die Stadt jeden Tag ein bisschen, und haben z.B. gestern Schneeflocken auf einer Fensterscheibe gesehen. …natürlich nur künstliche…

      1. na schön wenn ihr spaß habt – die webseite ist doch schön gemacht –
        ich bin jetzt erst mal fertig mit der Arbeit dieses Jahr – frohe Weihnachten
        euch dann schon mal !
        grüßle jörg

  2. …Vegetarier in Argentinien – naja in Buenos Aires wirds ja dann was “ordentliches” zu
    Essen geben, in so einer Megacity…

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