Memorial Park

Like most nations Argentina has a lot of bad times in history. One of these is the era of the military junta from 1976 to 1983. And like most nations Argentina has a memorial park for it to get memorized, of course located far outside of the town.

But in difference to most memorial parks this park had a group of four creative artists designing it. They created some dozens of road signs with easy understandable pictures/symbols pointing out what went wrong in Argentina at this era.

  1. In bad company, military juntas in latin america
  2. The start of terror, a new “law” with the task for the army to beat down the protests for independence at the province Tucuman
  3. “law extension” to beat down any protests everywhere
  1. Investment into military
  2. Creation of a surveillance authority to observe everyone
  3. Taking control of any media to spread propaganda
  1. Selling public infrastructure
  2. Embezzle / steal the money
  3. The lost war for the Falklands against England, but it is still printed as Argentinian territory at Argentinian maps

And finally the results:

  1. 30000 “missed”, most of them got thrown into the ocean alive
  2. 10000 political prisoners
  3. spreading poverty (red once are below poverty line)

Of course no one of the military junta ever got punished. Instead Argentina still have a law granting them immunity from punishment and since 34 years there are weekly demonstrations at Buenos Aires in front of the president office to claim justice.

But how about Argentina today?
Argentina still pay back the debts made from the military junta for buying weapons from the USA. Still most is owned by a few privileged persons. Year after year a lot of values are transferred into foreign countries. Today Argentina is the most expensive country of Latinamerica, with over 32% of the population living below the poverty line of 100$ per month.
And those Argentinians that are rich enough to save money help together to rob their country by collecting dollar or euro notes, by allowing the USA and Europe to take out argentinian goods for a block of printed papers.

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  1. …ggg Marcel im Schilderwald – da gibts doch so ne Gegend in Argentinien….die heisst Pampa,
    wollte ihr die nicht mal besuchen?
    Gruß und Gutes neues Jahr:-)

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