Noble death

One of the main tourist attractions of Buenos Aires is the graveyard of Recoleta. There the rich and noble Argentinians try to outperform each other by building the most impressive crypt for their rests. There are endless huge marbel sculptures which are well-chopped out of a single stone piece that frame some floors-high marbel crypts.

But within all the white and black marbel, the crypts that really catch your eyes are those being different like the one out of cheap brick stones or another that was fully overgrown by green plants.

Unfortunately a lot of areas of the graveyard are not at good condition. It just looks like no one care about those buried here. Only a hand full of crypts had real flowers, had someone that came to remember those being buried here. The rest are just forgotten, nameless graves…

One thought on “Noble death

  1. Schön, euere Erlebnisse, habe mich daran erfreut. Heute hat es bei uns geschneit, alles weiß. Alles Gute Mutti

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